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Specialty services for specialized care

Specialty pharmacy providers offer a unique treatment experience that many patients value, as well as treatments that are unavailable elsewhere. But this experience is challenged by reduced reimbursement and increased administrative burden. Choosing the right distributor and business partner gives pharmacies the opportunity to grow their specialty offerings, even in a challenging healthcare environment.

The gold standard in product access and distribution

AmerisourceBergen's global distribution system ensures safe, efficient access to the specialty products your patients need. We help you efficiently grow your specialty business through a user-friendly online ordering system, next-day delivery and no-wait phone inquiries. Plus, our specialty market experts and extensive relationships with manufacturers help your pharmacy navigate regulatory complexity and capitalize on market changes by sharing timely updates on reimbursement trends and insights into new products before they even enter the market.
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Thinking of expanding into specialty pharmacy? Our assessment can help.

Our readiness assessment process helps you determine if you're prepared to enter the specialty space and identifies the next steps you need to take during this transition. Along the way, we'll help you make the right connections to build your business, set up the right systems for success, and reduce costs with discounts on accreditation and continuing education courses.
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Optimizing your specialty strategy

Our dedicated specialty team will coach you to develop winning strategies for the right product mix, the best adjudication ability and getting the right foot traffic through your doors. As the industry's premier specialty distribution and commercialization partner, we understand every aspect of specialty products—from inventory management to patient support services.
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Our unsurpassed knowledge of specialty comes from the depth and breadth of our companies and experience:

  • More than 20 years of experience distributing specialty products to more than 95% of hospitals and 80% of retail pharmacies throughout the U.S.
  • The nation's largest distributor and solutions partner to physician practices, serving practices and clinics in dozens of specialty therapeutic areas.
  • More than 20 years designing, delivering, and improving patient access and adherence programs that have helped over 12 million patients. Our products and services help patients start medication sooner and stay on therapy longer.
  • Relationships with more than 1,500 manufacturers representing 50,000+ products and access to patient care and patient assistance programs, including insights into the drug development pipeline and upcoming product launches.  

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Our experts are here to talk with you about how specialty pharmacy services fit into your pharmacy business. Whether you are just beginning to consider expanding into specialty or you're ready to get started, we can provide personalized guidance to help you take the next step. 

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