We shape healthcare delivery.

By putting people first and maximizing our impact at the center of healthcare delivery, we fuel growth, move markets and enable access to care for millions of people each day.

Knowledge. Reach. Partnership.

Powered by our associates around the world, we provide the pharmaceutical products and business solutions that improve access to care. We operate the backbone of the healthcare supply chain. We drive the future of local care delivery. We guide medical innovations to market. This is what it means to create healthier futures.
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The role of distributors in healthcare

We efficiently supply hundreds of thousands of sites of care with life-saving medications every day–impacting the health and wellness of millions of people. Our role in healthcare creates value beyond logistics alone.

Conveyor Belt

Shaping healthcare delivery through distribution excellence

Our full-line and specialty distribution services—the core of our integrated delivery model—ensure that crucial medications efficiently, reliably and securely reach their destinations every day
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Our expertise


Improving product access

Product, provider and patient success all hinge on access. We propel it forward with solutions that address every aspect of the healthcare journey—from drug development and value demonstration to ensuring safe product distribution and removing financial hurdles for patients.

Increasing supply chain efficiency

Right product, right time, right customer experience. With infrastructure built to enable secure, daily ordering and distribution of millions of healthcare products, we deliver peace of mind and allow our partners to focus on improving patients' lives.

Enhancing patient care

Each day, we help physicians and pharmacists spend more time with patients. We help patients feel more informed and in control of their healthcare journey. We help revolutionary products reach thousands of patients worldwide, putting us at the forefront of quality care delivery.



We are in the business of improving care.

Helping people access the healthcare products they need is in our DNA. Whether through product sourcing and distribution, supporting community-based care or partnering with manufacturers to bring an innovative product to market, our commitment to improving patients' lives makes all the difference.
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The core of the healthcare supply chain in human and animal health. The most comprehensive provider of pharmaceutical commercialization services. The committed partner for community-based and personalized healthcare. AmerisourceBergen embodies all of that. Learn more about the markets we're privileged to serve.


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Our leadership

"Together with our associates, I’m proud to be embedded in our industry-wide work of helping improve the way we all experience healthcare."

Steve Collis, President, Chairman and CEO
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Doing well while doing good

As corporate citizens, we understand how our work affects the world. That's why we make continual strides in sustainability, energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's also why we place dedicated focus toward impactful corporate giving, medical product donations and a supportive culture of employee volunteerism.

Volunteers from AmerisourceBergen pack boxes to support Project C.U.R.E.

"I feel empowered to make a difference."

It's not just a marketing slogan. At AmerisourceBergen, our people matter. Our patients depend on us to deliver life-saving medication, and our associates depend on us to foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and patient-centered care. Come work with us and see why our corporate headquarters has been named a "Top Place to Work" by Philly.com for 5 years running.
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